Sushi, Egg Rolls, and what else???

As I was researching foods I could try out, I noticed myself having trouble trying to come up with foods outside of the Japanese and Chinese origin. Does this say something about the fact that even with food, Asia is most stereotypically linked with Chinese and Japanese? Even with research from Google using phrases like “Asian foods popular in America” or looking at the Asian cuisine on food ordering sites such as GrubHub and Eat24, most are from Chinese cuisine and Japanese cuisine. The lack of individuality of Asian American culture is evident in terms of their own food. Chinese takeout and Japanese sushi has taken over Asian American food culture. I had to dig deep into research and talking to friends to find Asian restaurants that are not Chinese or Japanese.

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The Proposal

My final project will be on identifying and analyzing Asian American foods.

In today’s society, when you order Chinese food or go to a sushi restaurant, most of the time, those foods have been Americanized in some kind of way. I want to know how these foods became Americanized, which foods were born in America but identify with a certain Asian nationality, and why.

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