Vietnamese Chicken Coconut and Curry

Hello again! Do you remember my last post about Vietnamese Pho? If you haven’t read it, check it out here. Last week, I talked about how my family got pho and I ordered a chicken-based dish. I talked about Mr. Cao and his restaurant and how pho came to America. But, I never really said anything about my chicken-based dish after that. That’s because I was saving that little treasure for this post.

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Mr. Cao and his Pho

My mom is a chatterbox. Sometimes it’s a good thing and sometimes…it’s not so good. This was one of the many times where it was a superb thing. Today, my family and I went to Viet’s Aroma, a local Vietnamese restaurant in Frederick, MD. While I got a chicken-based dish, the rest of my family got “one large S1 and 2 small S1,” or pho.


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