Trip to Rangoli’s

Usually, when eating a specific dish for this blog, I order one thing only. Sushi only, or chicken coconut and curry with a side of rice. But since the next dish was from a buffet, I couldn’t really help but eat a lot of different foods. (Sorry, not sorry.) Since much of the dishes I’ve researched so far are of Japanese or Chinese origin, I decided that a much-needed change is mandatory in order to gain a full analysis in my research. So, when I asked a couple of friends where I could go to try out more dishes, they suggested P.F. Chang’s and Rangoli’s. P.F. Rangoli’s was an Indian restaurant. The friends who ordered it were Indian and said that we could definitely help me out with my research. So, off we went.

Rangoli’s is a restaurant in Anne Arundel, Maryland, in front of The Hotel. Yes, the hotel was called The Hotel. Rangoli’s is a buffet-style restaurant during lunch, but according to my friend Mihir, it becomes a regular restaurant for dinner. Since we went during lunch, I couldn’t help but start filling my plate with all the unfamiliar dishes. I ended up getting basmati rice, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, and panipuri. I also tried a bit of the samosa but my spicy tolerance is pretty low, so I wasn’t able to finish it.

indian food

So for those who are unfamiliar with the Indian cuisine, let me break my plate down for you:

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