Vietnamese Chicken Coconut and Curry

Hello again! Do you remember my last post about Vietnamese Pho? If you haven’t read it, check it out here. Last week, I talked about how my family got pho and I ordered a chicken-based dish. I talked about Mr. Cao and his restaurant and how pho came to America. But, I never really said anything about my chicken-based dish after that. That’s because I was saving that little treasure for this post.

The chicken-based dish I order at Viet’s Aroma was called chicken coconut and curry with a side of white rice. It has chicken, onions, a curry sauce, spring onions, and some greens like cilantro.

chicken coconut and curry

This recipe from Serious Eats includes:

  • lemongrass stalks
  • fresh ginger
  • dried red chili flakes
  • coconut milk
  • chicken thighs
  • red potatoes
  • lime

I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it looks like one of several Vietnamese chicken coconut and curry recipes. I picked this recipe because the picture looked like my dish (as you can tell, I’m a professional…kidding). This recipe from Hungry Huy is called the Vietnamese Chicken Curry Recipe (with coconut milk as one of the ingredients).

(Side note: I should consider taking photography lessons. The difference in quality of photos…)

As you can see from the picture, this dish has a red sauce instead of the green sauce that I got. I don’t know if that’s from a different kind of curry used or if it’s just a completely different recipe.

Overall, there wasn’t a lot of background about chicken curry and coconut. According to an Asian cuisine blog, “Appetite for China,” curry traveled India to Vietnam. Then, the Vietnamese adapted this curry into local dishes and ingredients and to “suit local palate.”

In terms of Americanizing it, unfortunately, I didn’t find any available information about it. Specifically to Mr. Cao’s dishes in Viet’s Aroma, he said that his chicken coconut and curry dishes have more of an Indian flavor than Vietnamese due to its curry flavor. Authentic Vietnamese chicken coconut and curry is supposed to have more of a coconut flavor than a curry flavor. Again, this change is due to the clientele palate.


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