The Proposal

My final project will be on identifying and analyzing Asian American foods.

In today’s society, when you order Chinese food or go to a sushi restaurant, most of the time, those foods have been Americanized in some kind of way. I want to know how these foods became Americanized, which foods were born in America but identify with a certain Asian nationality, and why.

I will be creating a blog with about 10 or so posts of “well-known Asian” foods, such as Japanese sushi, Chinese Egg Rolls, Vietnamese Pho, etc. Each blog post will contain a picture of the food, a description of the food (the restaurant it came from, visible ingredients, a recipe I found online to mimic it, etc.), and the research I found on its history and how it became Americanized.

In addition to the blog will be the analysis essay that will compile the foods that I ate and its histories to show how Asian food is represented in America. This is significant for Asian American studies because food is a big part of a culture. America has Asian American enclaves that dedicate a lot of their markets to selling Asian foods regular grocery stores don’t sell. Therefore, I want to look at how Asian food is seen in America. Do Asian Americans agree with that food? Do they have any reservations or would they advertise that food instead? Personally, I like food and I like a lot of different “Asian” foods such as the ones I listed previously. But, my parents have always made a comment about how the food we’re eating is not the authentic version of itself. Since I have always been curious about the topic, this is a good way to rest my curiosity.


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